Many folks have asked why OLTA has implemented some of the new guidelines and play format (such as non-adjacent courts and online registration). Well, here’s the deal…

The City of Dallas provided reopening restrictions across all sporting activities, tennis included. Here’s a link to the documentation. Several highlights of the rules specifically related to tennis:

  • A maximum of four individuals in the pro shop at any given time (this includes staff).
  • Six-foot distancing, hand washing and cleaning of high-touch surfaces must remain in effect.
  • Hand/body contact is not permitted.
  • No group seating permitted.
  • No drinking water stations (e.g. patrons bring their own beverages).
  • Patrons will only be allowed to make online and/or phone reservations for play.
  • Doubles must be played every other court.
  • No merchandise (hats, shirts, shoes) may not be sold. Racquets and tennis balls are available for purchase.

The document states that, “patrons who fail to adhere to these policies will be required to leave the property.” In addition, the State of Texas Health and Human Services department published the Protocols for Adult Recreation Sport Participants.

Understand that these are the City’s minimum requirements and facilities may have more stringent policies. If playing on your own, be sure to contact your facility via phone regarding their restrictions prior to play.

Our online registration system allows us to reserve the proper number of courts.

Courts have been busy, believe it or not, and we need to ensure that we have adequate space to play while the new guidelines are in place. As an example, Fretz Tennis Center informed OLTA we would not be able to play at that facility because of these guidelines, and how they integrate the court assignments with drills and member play. We also wanted to consider everyone’s health and safety.

OLTA doesn’t want to make the process cumbersome. We simply need to ensure there are available courts, minimize your exposure to health risks and adhere to the city’s mandate to “reserve online/via phone with the facilities”.

Doubles must be played every other court.

This rule comes as part of the City’s mandate and is not an OLTA or tennis facility rule. Despite what some facilities may or may not do, OTLA will make every effort to comply with this mandate. To that end, we added singles play to (1) allow OLTA members to remain adjacent to other OLTA members and (2) enable players who may want to explore, or prefer, playing singles the opportunity to do so. 


These are uncharted waters for all of us. We, as an organization, should embody The USTA Code’s #1  rule, “Tennis is a game that requires cooperation and courtesy.” We need to be compliant with these rules for the greater good, despite our personal feelings.

We also need to remain flexible as these rules can change. We will do our best to keep you updated and modify the format accordingly.

We appreciate everyone’s help and compliance. If you have questions about any of these processes, please contact a board member or email us.