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For the latest tournament information visit the OLTA Texas Open Facebook page.

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Twitter Info:

Get Important OLTA Updates on Your Phone!

Sign up for Twitter.

Trying to make your life a little easier when it comes to OLTA updates is what Twitter is all about.

By signing up to follow OLTA on Twitter, you will have the ability to get instant last-minute information on your phone as a text message.

In order to get activated to follow OLTA on Twitter, we ask you to do the following …

1. Sign up for a Twitter account

* Go to

* Click on the “Get Started – Join!” icon

* Fill in all the information down to the “Create my account”

* If no one has your username, etc. it will take you to a page that says “See if your friends are on Twitter” – fill in the password you entered on the previous page and hit “continue”

* Once that page loads, click on the “Find People” link at the top of the page

* When that page loads, there should be a box with “Who are you looking for?” above it. Type ‘oltadallas’ in the box.

* When that page loads, you will see the OLTA logo with “oltadallas.” Click on the “Follow” box.

2. Configure your account to receive OLTA “tweets” on your phone as text messages

* Go to your Twitter home page and click on “cog” in the upper right corner.

* Click “settings.”

* From the left menu click “mobile.”

* Enter your mobile phone number then click “activate phone.”

* From your phone text “go” to 40404.

* From your home page click “following.”

* Locate “oltadallas.” Click the “person” icon beside the word “following.”

* Click “turn on mobile notifications.”

* Congratulations! Your account is now configured to receive timely “tweets” from OLTA

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