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We know doubles teams will want to prepare for GLTA tournament or Texas Cup play, but, please try to schedule those practice sessions outside of OLTA play.

However, if this does occur, then such practice matches (no more than one set) cannot occur more than 30-days before Texas Cup or GLTA tournament play.

Doubles play will always take precedence over Singles play.

It is important every effort be made to make new members or potential members (and even existing members) comfortable and welcome to OLTA.

Every effort should be made to ensure OLTA sessions are evenly matched.

If this does not occur, it is up to the players on the court to help make this happen.

Players are responsible for having a can of new tennis balls with them before taking the court to play.

Tennis balls can be purchased at the tennis centers; however, they are usually cheaper if purchased at a discount store such as Walmart or Target.

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