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Many folks have asked why OLTA has implemented some of the new guidelines and play format (such as non-adjacent courts and online registration). Well, here’s the deal…

The City of Dallas provided reopening restrictions across all sporting activities, tennis included. Here’s a link to the documentation. Several highlights of the rules specifically related to tennis:

  • A maximum of four individuals in the pro shop at any given time (this includes staff).
  • Six-foot distancing, hand washing and cleaning of high-touch surfaces must remain in effect.
  • Hand/body contact is not permitted.
  • No group seating permitted.
  • No drinking water stations (e.g. patrons bring their own beverages).
  • Patrons will only be allowed to make online and/or phone reservations for play.
  • Doubles must be played every other court.
  • No merchandise (hats, shirts, shoes) may not be sold. Racquets and tennis balls are available for purchase.

The document states that, “patrons who fail to adhere to these policies will be required to leave the property.” In addition, the State of Texas Health and Human Services department published the Protocols for Adult Recreation Sport Participants.

Understand that these are the City’s minimum requirements and facilities may have more stringent policies. If playing on your own, be sure to contact your facility via phone regarding their restrictions prior to play.

Our online registration system allows us to reserve the proper number of courts.

Courts have been busy, believe it or not, and we need to ensure that we have adequate space to play while the new guidelines are in place. As an example, Fretz Tennis Center informed OLTA we would not be able to play at that facility because of these guidelines, and how they integrate the court assignments with drills and member play. We also wanted to consider everyone’s health and safety.

OLTA doesn’t want to make the process cumbersome. We simply need to ensure there are available courts, minimize your exposure to health risks and adhere to the city’s mandate to “reserve online/via phone with the facilities”.

Doubles must be played every other court.

This rule comes as part of the City’s mandate and is not an OLTA or tennis facility rule. Despite what some facilities may or may not do, OTLA will make every effort to comply with this mandate. To that end, we added singles play to (1) allow OLTA members to remain adjacent to other OLTA members and (2) enable players who may want to explore, or prefer, playing singles the opportunity to do so. 


These are uncharted waters for all of us. We, as an organization, should embody The USTA Code’s #1  rule, “Tennis is a game that requires cooperation and courtesy.” We need to be compliant with these rules for the greater good, despite our personal feelings.

We also need to remain flexible as these rules can change. We will do our best to keep you updated and modify the format accordingly.

We appreciate everyone’s help and compliance. If you have questions about any of these processes, please contact a board member or email us.



Return to Courts / GroupMe launch

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Greetings Everyone! We hope you have been making adjustments to our “new normal” and are staying safe. Your presence on the courts has been missed and we’ve been looking forward to returning to our play sessions. Some people have been playing recently and others have continued to be precautionary. As preparations to return are being made, rest assured that your safety and well-being is a top priority. Resume playing when you feel comfortable to return but know that sessions will be available. Take care everyone and stay safe and healthy.

New “OLTA and Friends” channel on GroupMe

First, we’re happy to announce the launch of our GroupMe messaging platform! GroupMe is a fun and easy way to share information and chat with members of the group. We implemented GroupMe to address the need for text notifications, as well as create a collaborative environment.

OLTA will use GroupMe to provide event information, weather delays/cancellations and any last minute announcements. Group members can chat, request others to play matches and more. You can access via phone or computer, as well as control the amount of notifications you receive. 

To join, click this link and follow the prompts! To learn more about GroupMe visit their Support page

Returning to the courts: New format

The OLTA Board also voted last week to resume our normal play sessions beginning Sunday, May 31! 

Tennis is a sport we all enjoy but we must take precautions to help keep everyone safe. That said, the play format requires some revision and a structured process. If you are feeling ill in any way — no matter how slight the symptoms — stay home to protect everyone! 

The new format is as follows:

  • Each session will be limited to 16 participants. This includes members and guests.
  • Advance registration is required. We have set up links to register for each session. Although OLTA sessions usually consist of doubles, singles are now an option due to court availability and required planning. Participants can select if they want to play singles, doubles or either/no-preference during the registration process. To allow for equal participation, members and guests can only register themselves and only register up to two weeks in advance.
  • Waitlists are available. If a session is full, up to five participants can be put on a waitlist. Waitlisted participants do not have a reserved spot until they receive email confirmation that a spot has become available.
  • Cancellation is requested 24 hours in advance. If you are unable to attend, please cancel via the registration system in order to allow waitlist participants to participate.

To register for a session, click your desired day and complete the form. The links are also posted to the Play section of the OLTA website. 

Registration will be closely monitored. If participants are found to violate these guidelines, it may be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and play may be suspended.  

Once you arrive at a facility:

  • Check in with a Board member to receive two cans of balls** and court assignments (do not congregate outside the facility or inside/around the pro shops) 
  • Players must keep at least 6’ distance from other players and are advised to wear face masks until they arrive on court
  • No more than four people can be on a court at any time
  • Temperature checks will be taken as an additional precautionary measure

**Yes, you read that right! Since we have been on lock down and want to keep everyone safe, OLTA will provide tennis balls for the remainder of the season!

While we want everyone to be safe, it’s important to remind folks that everyone is playing at their own risk. The USTA published a safety article to help guide players. In addition, OLTA players and guests agree that OLTA is free from any/all liability, including financial responsibility, for injuries, illness, or any other harms.

Again, we’re all trying to make this work the best way possible. We’ll all need to be flexible as things progress. Thanks to everyone for their compliance with the new process and look forward to everyone on the court. 

If you have comments or ideas, please email us


February 2020 Member Meeting Recap

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The 2020 OLTA Board conducted the first member meeting of the 2020 season on Saturday, February 29th.  Here are some of the major highlights:

  • OLTA will pursue 501(c)(3) non-profit designation in 2020, voted on by the membership in attendance.
  • A financial report was given by the Finance Director, Leo Nguyen
  • We are developing a new website, with hopes to launch in the next few months; the site will have enhanced features and an updated look
  • The OLTA Social Director went though a variety of events happening March through June, in order to enhance member value and increase new member recruitment
  • We have a goal to have 75 members this year, each and every member should work to help us achieve that goal

Here’s the entire presentation for your review:


If you have any questions, please submit them to  We will be having another members meeting in a few months.  Feel free to let us know of any agenda items you’d like to include or preferential days of the week you are available to meet.  Thanks!


OLTA Publishes 2019 Annual Report

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As we approach the forty-first anniversary of the Oak Lawn Tennis Association, the leading LGBT+ tennis organization in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, our common purpose and principles remain as important as ever. The Board of Directors felt it important, in the essence of transparency and the mindset of sharing, to create the first ever OLTA Annual Report. The document provides a recap of membership, events, financials and more.

We accomplished a lot in 2019, offering new events and providing a good tennis program. Ultimately, we’re an organization for everyone to enjoy tennis and all that good sportsmanship has to offer. We hope to build on these achievements and take OLTA further than years past, increase member engagement and deliver on our promise to have some fun.

OLTA Annual Report 2019

We will also be conducting an annual member meeting on February 29, 2020 at the Resource Center on Cedar Springs Rd. We hope you can join and look forward to your comments.


Register Today for the 2019 Texas Open

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39th Annual Texas Open

Friday, Sep. 27 through Sunday, Sep. 29, 2019

A GLTA Masters Series Event

Registration is now open for the 2019 Texas Open, OLTA’s largest annual tennis tournament. The Texas Open is part of the GLTA World Tour International tennis circuit, offering a safe and inclusive tennis community around the world. Everyone is welcome–no matter how you identify or your level of play–to our largest social sporting event of the year!

The Texas Open includes three days of tennis, along with an opening party, a lively dinner event and lots of laughs. Hopefully, you’ll make a few new friends along the way! Click the reservation link below for complete details and to save your spot (registration on the GLTA website is required).  Need lodging? Look for recommendations via OLTA’s Texas Open webpage or use the Book Travel link on the GLTA website.

Reserve your spot today!


In addition, 2019 marks Oak Lawn Tennis Association’s 40th anniversary as an LGBTQ tennis club! We’re happy you will be part of the festivities! 

Tournament Information

Location: Samuel Grand Tennis Center, 6220 E Grand Ave, Dallas, Texas 75223 (map)

Date: Friday, Sep. 27 through Sunday, Sep. 29, 2019

Events include: (all hard court)

  • Men’s Singles: Open, A, B, C, D
  • Men’s Doubles: Open A, B, C, D
  • Women’s Singles: B, C, D
  • Women’s Doubles: B, C, D
  • Mixed Doubles: Open, A, B, C, D

Questions? Keep in touch by visiting the Texas Open Facebook page or submit email inquiries to Registration deadline is Friday, Sep. 16.


Facebook Pages

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For the latest club news visit the OLTA Facebook page.

For the latest tournament information visit the OLTA Texas Open Facebook page.


Welcome to the OLTA Dallas Website: 

Our 2019 season will officially begin on February 24th, 2019!  OLTA will be celebrating 40 years in 2019.  We will be adding locations and the play schedule to the this website soon.

The 2018 OLTA season officially ended with a bang on December 8th!  We had a great year with our members competing in The Texas Cup, Texas Open 2018, and various GLTA, USTA, and other  tournaments around the globe.  OLTA continues to grow in membership and interest from a variety of player levels.  Just as important as tennis, is the community and friendships we continue to build.  We host monthly after tennis brunches and various social events throughout the year.   Player development continues to be the focus with weekly pro-lead tennis drills and of course the opportunity to play 3 times a week with the team.  We play in various locations in the Dallas area so a location is sure to be convenient for you.  The 2019 season is stacking up to be a great one.  Come check us out!

If you would like to inquire about membership or other OLTA activities, please email and we will get back with you.

See you soon on the courts!

Clint Gay
Executive Director

Your 2019 Board of Directors:

Clint Gay, Nate Barnett, Brian Stephens, Craig Hicks, and Richard Cheney


Sign up info:

There are two steps to signing up, both found at 

1) Membership Form. Link on the above linked page. This step is mandatory and requires members to fill out basic info, sign the liability waiver and give them the chance to opt out of being pictured on OLTA marketing.
2) PayPal. Linked at very bottom of join page. Members may also pay by cash or check, but we encourage them to pay via PayPal. 

Thanks to those that have already signed up!




Friends, Fun, Community, Competition!

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Welcome from the Executive Director:

The Oak Lawn Tennis Association (OLTA) was formed in 1979 by a group of friends who enjoyed tennis. It was the first tennis organization supporting and promoting gay and lesbian tennis activities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. During its history, OLTA has played host to the first gay tennis tournament in the country held since 1980 and now known as the Texas Open, and in 1981, inaugurated the Texas Cup with the Houston Tennis Club (HTC), an annual competition between the two cities. This event now includes the Austin Tennis Club and the Tennis Club of San Antonio.

OLTA is a charter member of the national Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA). The GLTA is the national umbrella tennis organization formed in 1991 to address national standards of competition. The GLTA also provides a national ranking system for gay and lesbian tennis players who participate on the international tournament circuit and provides assistance to cities interested in establishing similar tennis organizations.

OLTA offers activities for players seeking competitive tennis, as well as activities for those who are either first time players or who use tennis as a social outlet. Activities include Singles League, Texas Cup, Team Tennis, Doubles League, Club Championships, and various other events. In addition, the Texas Open, Dallas’ gay and lesbian international tennis tournament held in October, is a successful and popular event on the GLTA tour.

We invite all players, men and women of all ability levels, to join us in making 2018 a great year of OLTA tennis.  Our Spring 2018 season will start on February 25, at Samuell Grand Tennis Center in Dallas.  Please check the calendar of events for updates on times, locations, and other important club events!

Clint Gay
OLTA Executive Director

Register With

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In order to be on the OLTA membership distribution list and receive emails you must:  1) Be a current member in good standing  AND  2) Register with the website.

You cannot register with this website unless you are a current member who has paid dues and gone through the membership registration process.

If you are already a member but fail to register with the website you will not receive email communication from the organization.

The membership roster is never shared with any third parties, is not publicly viewable or searchable, and is accessible only by other members after logging in.

You don’t have to post a picture or phone number unless you want to; we just need your name and a valid email address.

To register for and gain full access to the website including the members only section follow these steps:

1. Navigate to

2. In the upper right corner click “Log In.”

3. You will be shown an “error” screen.

4. At the bottom of the “error” screen click “register.”

5. In the ensuing registration form fill in the fields

  • Username
  • E-Mail
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Play Level
  • Birth Month
  • Birth Day
  • Contact Number
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

6. Check the box to accept the Privacy Policy.

7. Click “Register.”

8. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

The webmaster will automatically be notified that you have registered. He will then activate your account and notify you by email.

You will then be able to log in using the username and password you selected plus you will be in the loop for all activities throughout the season.