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OLTA 2020 Survey Results

As the season officially closes today, we launch our first blog post! We won't make this really long but we're excited to keep things updated in a new and different way. We welcome your feedback, comments and more, to help keep this an interactive space.

Survey Results Are Here

We asked for your feedback and you definitely delivered. We were able to compile the information and put it into a presentable and easy-to-read format for our members.

Can't see the slides? Check out this link to view in your browser.

  • Why the survey? This was to get a pulse of what's the membership has been feeling, as well as what has been going on external to OLTA. It's can also serve as a roadmap for the future of the organization.

  • Who sees the results? The survey can be shown to anyone but we wanted to publish the findings here, so our members can see it first. There's nothing confidential or proprietary.

  • What's next? This will be up to the upcoming OLTA leadership and, more importantly, you. It's important that you keep the vitality of the organization, and longevity, at the forefront. This can go a long way in creating opportunities for the organization.

Don’t Forget to Add Comments or Questions

Let us know if we can help or answer questions. Thanks!

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